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Graphic Storybook - The Nuclear Family
Nuclear Poster

Yellocake mine, and the small neighbouring town of Graviton Gorge are places of contrasting beauty.

Living off the fat of the land, an evil hybrid tyrant known as the Moderator forces its peaceful neighbours into producing more energy than they consume. With no option but to shut down at the end of the working day and refuel, family life is turned upside down.

When a new duel-fuel technology is discovered, an increased yeild is sole priority for the Moderator, as he and his aides hatch a plan to provide a convienent solution to improve quailty of life.

Seeing though the plot as yet another attempt at slavish control, Rad Nuclear is plunged into despair at the heightened greed of the moderator. A new order of "on-load" citizens is to be introduced , now capable of being refuelled while still in operation...
subject to this new technology, capable too of the moderators ultimate plan of continuous work in the mine!


Excluded from the selection process for the on-load upgade after being fired from his job as a leach class miner, Rad and his family embark on a rebellion to overthrow the Moderator and return graviton gorge to its peaceful past.

Final salvation rests on a struggle between the maniacal Moderator, his villanous associates and the Nuclear family.

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